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Here's some of the good things people are saying about Paw In Hand!


We have a giant breed dog, so training early was a must. Mel worked with Bear, our great dane, at an early age socializing him & teaching very basic commands.

My husband & I have taken several of her training courses which taught us how to teach Bear to have good manners. We couldn’t have done it without Mel! I would highly recommend any dog or cat owner take lessons with Mel. Even if you’ve had animals before, Mel will teach ways to get through to even the toughest dog or cat to train. 

James & Nikki Mensen & Bear


I've had two opportunities to work with Mel -- one when I consulted with her for a reactive dog, and one when I needed an evaluator for the CGC.  On both occasions, she was quick to respond,  easy to work with, and very professional.  She listened carefully to my needs and was a great help.  She is quick to put people at ease and is sincere in her efforts to help.  Another bonus -- she obviously loves animals!! 

Aimee Hospodarsky and Champ


We are so grateful to Mel for responding so quickly to our need for training with our newly adopted dog, Lazar.  We wanted to make sure we could protect him from his own "bolting" instincts.  Mel worked with us in our own home to create methods of teaching Lazar to wait at the door and to learn a rock-solid "come" command.  We are so grateful to her for her caring, committed guidance, and for her obvious love and deep understanding of animals.  She was always quick to respond to any questions we had, going far above and beyond the "classroom".  Thank you, Mel! 

Jill, Joe, Sam and Lazar Klinebriel


Can't thank you enough for all the care and concern you exhibited toward my poor, little dog that I decided to try and keep. Opie is somewhere between eight and twelve, has no teeth, was not house-trained, and, certainly immediately developed separation anxiety. It is a very sad set of circumstances and I so wanted to help him.

You made it possible! I really would have had to return him had you not stepped in. You drove some distance to my house and presented an intervention plan to deal with all his issues. You call repeatedly and on schedule to reinforce the plan and have been my supprt throughout this new training program. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, thank you.

Warm regards,    Helen


We have a young dog who, when off leash, has been in the habit of running off in the woods and returning at longer intervals than advisable before heeding our calls. In just three training sessions with Mel Heber, our dog remarkably improved her reponse to our call, much to our relief! So the dog now has what Ms. Heber calls "freedom with responsibility." We also found Ms. Heber quite skilled in other matters of dog training, as well as especially responsive to our specific needs. 

  Thanks!   Brooke and John



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